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Crevis Area Scan – GigE Vision


Key Feature
Mini-Size CCD/CMOS GigE Camera


Camera Standard
GenICam, GigE Vision


Trigger input Range
+3.3V~24V (Photo coupler)


MG-A160K-722M72 fps3.45um x 3.45umGigE VisionColor
MG-A160M-722M72 fps3.45um x 3.45umGigE VisionMono
MG-A040K-2800.4M280 fps6.9um x 6.9umGigE VisionColor
MG-A040M-2800.4M280 fps6.9um x 6.9umGigE VisionMono
MG-A201L-520M5 fps2.4um x 2.4umGigE VisionColor
MG-A201R-520M5 fps2.4um x 2.4umGigE VisionMono
MG-A121L-912M9 fps1.85um x 1.85umGigE VisionColor
MG-A121R-912M9 fps1.85um x 1.85umGigE VisionMono
MG-A121K-912M9 fps3.45um x 3.45umGigE VisionColor
MG-A121M-912M9 fps3.45um x 3.45umGigE VisionMono
MG-A500K-225M22 fps3.45um x 3.45umGigE VisionColor
MG-A500M-225M22 fps3.45um x 3.45umGigE VisionMono
MG-A320K-353.2M35 fps3.45um x 3.45umGigE VisionColor
MG-A320M-353.2M35 fps3.45um x 3.45umGigE VisionMono
MV-KQ60G-P5M14 fps2.2um x 2.2umGigE VisionColor
MV-MQ60G-P5M14 fps2.2um x 2.2umGigE VisionMono
MG-D030C-S0.3M120 fps7.4um x 7.4umGigE VisionColor
MG-D030B-S0.3M120 fps7.4um x 7.4umGigE VisionMono
MG-D030C0.3M200 fps7.4um x 7.4umGigE VisionColor
MG-D030B0.3M200 fps7.4um x 7.4umGigE VisionMono
MV-KH20G10M7 fps1.67um x 1.67umGigE VisionColor
MV-MH20G10M7 fps1.67um x 1.67umGigE VisionMono
MG-D500C5M15 fps3.45um x 3.45umGigE VisionColor
MG-D500B5M15 fps3.45um x 3.45umGigE VisionMono
MG-D200C-S2M25 fps4.4um x 4.4umGigE VisionColor
MG-D200B-S2M25 fps4.4um x 4.4umGigE VisionMono
MG-D200C2M50 fps4.4um x 4.4umGigE VisionColor
MG-D200B2M50 fps4.4um x 4.4umGigE VisionMono
MG-D130C1.3M40 fps3.75um x 3.75 umGigE VisionColor
MG-D130B1.3M40 fps3.75um x 3.75 umGigE VisionMono

Additional Information

Chromacolor, mono



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